The grotto of san cleto

His portrait hangs in the Pentagon Hall of Heroes. A section of U. Route 90 in San Antonio is named for him, as is the school he attended as a boy. For his heroism in World War II, he received the nation's highest military honor. By the age of nine, he had lost both his parents and was raised in San Antonio by relatives. Both men were awarded the Medal of Honor for their "gallant determination" and "heroic courage in the face of tremendous odds.

He served briefly in the Air Force, and then rejoined the Army, retiring in as a master sergeant. He became an advocate for veterans and minorities after his military service. One is located at the San Antonio Central Libraryand the other can be viewed at the Cassiano housing projects. Most of the project's interviews are with veterans, but the project directors also aim to document the larger Latino civilian experience, men and women alike.

The project's website features hundreds of stories, and thousands of photos, as well as oral history training videos.


Barrett, Michael L. Casad, Dede Weldon. Texans of Valor: Military Heroes in the 20th Century. Austin: Eakin Press, Orozco, Cynthia. Accessed June 23, Morin, Raul. Los Angeles: Valiant Press, Listen to the audio.

the grotto of san cleto

Skip to the main content. Texas Originals Previous Next. Selected Bibliography Barrett, Michael L. Medal of Honor. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.Cleto L.

The Grotto

Armyand in the U. He was born and lived in San Marcos, Texas until his parents died when he was nine years old. After the death of his parents he was sent to live with relatives in San AntonioTexas. As a boy he worked for the Gunter Hotel as a newsboy.

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In Manila on February 9, Cleto's platoon was ordered to initiate an offensive assault against the Paco Railroad Station that was being held by the Japanese. While crossing an open field in front of the railroad station his platoon was stopped yards from the railroad station by intense Japanese gunfire.

Reese Jr. The two soldiers remained in their position for an hour while firing at targets of opportunity, killing 35 Japanese soldiers and wounding many others.

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After an hour the 2 soldiers moved forward towards the railroad station where they discovered a group of Japanese replacements attempting to reach pillboxes. Cleto and his fellow soldier opened heavy fire and killed more than 40 Japanese soldiers and stopped any other attempts to reach the pillboxes.

The enemy fire increased as the two soldiers came within 20 yards of the railroad station. Cleto's comrade provided cover fire while he moved up to the railroad station where he threw 5 grenades through a doorway killing 7 Japanese soldiers and destroying a mm gun and wrecking a heavy machine gun.

With their ammunition running low the 2 soldiers made their way back to their platoon while each took turns providing cover fire for the other to move. During the return to their platoon PFC Reese was killed. Two days later Cleto again enabled his platoon to advance when he single-handedly killed 6 Japanese soldiers and destroyed a well placed mm gun.

As a result of these actions both Rodriguez and Reese were presented with the Medal of Honor for their determination to destroy the enemy, and courage in the face of tremendous odds.

the grotto of san cleto

He died December 7, aged He was an automatic rifleman when his unit attacked the strongly defended Paco Railroad Station during the battle for Manila, Philippines. While making a frontal assault across an open field; his platoon was halted yards from the station by intense enemy fire.

On his own initiative, he left the platoon, accompanied by a comrade, and continued forward to a house 60 yards from the objective. Although under constant enemy observation, the 2 men remained in this position for an hour; firing at targets of opportunity, killing more than 35 hostile soldiers and wounding many more.

Moving closer to the station and discovering a group of Japanese replacements attempting to reach pillboxes, they opened heavy fire, killed more than 40 and stopped all subsequent attempts to man the emplacements. Enemy fire became more intense as they advanced to within 20 yards of the station.

Then, covered by his companion, Pvt. With their ammunition running low, the 2 men started to return to the American lines, alternately providing covering fire for each other's withdrawal. He later served in the U. Air Force from to and again served in the U. Army from to He later married Ms.

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Flora Muniz and had four children: Cleto Jr. Inthe elementary school that Rodriguez attended during the s in San Antonio was renamed in his honor, becoming the only school in the San Antonio school district to be named in honor of a former alumnus.

Raul Morin Los Angeles: Border.A large meditation hall whose main chamber is at clifftop level extends down to the foot of the cliff; the cross on the hill is visible many miles away. In addition to a church, there are several thousand feet of trails, including a trail of the Stations of the Crossalong which visitors may pass in contemplation through botanical gardens.

Mayer envisioned The Grotto as a natural cathedraland construction began in September A cave was carved out of the foot basalt cliff, and a statue of Mary holding Jesus's crucified body was installed. Three thousand people gathered for the first mass at the Grotto on May 29, Inthe Chapel of Mary was dedicated on the grounds, and in the Grotto was designated as a National Sanctuary. On November 30,unknown vandals broke into the grounds and vandalized multiple statues.

Joseph and baby Jesus were beheadedand a statue of the Virgin Mary was toppled over and also had its head removed. The Smithsonian Institution has 23 statues and memorials registered at The Grotto: [24]. There are various events at The Grotto throughout the year, as well as meetings and seminars.

Every December The Grotto puts up a huge light display along its trails. The first annual "Festival of Lights" first took place in [2] and lasted for ten nights. It has since been expanded in scope and duration, and the festival ran for 33 days. Besides the light displays, there are nightly concerts, caroling, and other family-oriented entertainment.

More than 60, people attended the Festival each year. The Grotto's monastery houses friars of the Servite Order. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Grotto disambiguation. Joseph St. Jude Shrine St. The Oregon Encyclopedia. Retrieved November 1, The Oregonian.

Retrieved December 2, The Grotto. Retrieved October 31, Our Sunday Visitor. The Pacific Northwest Garden Tour. Timber Press, Inc. Menasha Ridge Press. Have You Taken the Elevator Up?Papasidero is a village and comune in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region, southern Italy. It is part of Pollino National Park.

Papasidero is situated on a rocky spur m above the sea level and is crossed by Lao and Santo Nocajo rivers. Its territory covers an area of 54 square km and is entirely part of Pollino National Park. The name Papasidero derives from the name of an abbot in Greek Papas-Isidoros, father or priest Isidore head of a monastery in the Mercuriense Region, home of Basilian Greek monasticism. Humans have occupied the area since prehistoric times, as confirmed by an important archaeological site, LaGrotta Romitodiscovered in The historical centre has a typically medieval urban style.

It was built over the 12th and 13th centuries. From Lombard beginnings, it became a fortress castle in the Sveva Norman period — and was expanded under the Angioino in the 14th century, and under Aragon from to The church of Saint Constantine became a parish in The place was possessed by the descendants of the Norman Alitto of Sanseverino and Spinelli di Scalea until Carlo Paolino — humanist, Francesco Mastroti — teacher, and Maria Angelica Mastroti — mystic, were all born here.

A Byzantine church dating from the year one thousand, the Mother Shrine of Constantinople XVII Century [ clarification needed ] was built in the middle of was extended to the end of [ clarification needed ] and in the first half of the 19th century.

It has a T plan with three naves. A large fresco was painted between anddepicting the Virgin and Child and a bishop kneeling before the high Archangel Michele who pierces Satan in flames. This important discovery, which occurred in in the territory of Papasidero, has shed a light on events in prehistoric northern Calabria, and showed that it was inhabited at least 20, years ago. The Romito man was a Cro-Magnon; he did not keep cattle or practise agriculture or make ceramics.

The cave is divided into two distinct areas: the actual cave, about twenty metres deep, which goes into the limestone formation with a narrow dark tunnel, and the guard [ clarification needed ] that extends for about 34 metres east—west. Homo sapiens occupied the cave continuously leaving countless relics of bone and stone tools, wonderful graffiti and their skeletal remains.

Carbon 14 dating proves occupation since BC Neolithic. In the Upper Paleolithic layers, the oldest dating is around 16, BC.

The figure of a bull, about 1. The design of perfect proportions, is made with stretch safely. Folds in the skin of the neck are clear and the cloven foot is very accurately shown. Below the great figure of a bull, another bovine figure has been cut, much more subtly, showing only the chest, head and part of the back. In front of the rock with the cattle, there is another figure about 3. The occupation of the Neolithic cave of Romito it:Grotta del Romito is documented by the discovery of fifty ceramic pieces that reveal trade in obsidian from the Aeolian Islands.

The place of their discovery, and the facsimile of a tomb dated from years BC, can be visited. Two individuals have been arranged in a well-defined ritual.

One burial was found in the cave and another two couples in the shelter of the rock overhang just outside the cave, not far from the rock with the figure of the bull. Of these pairs of skeletons, the first is kept in the National Museum of Reggio Calabria, the second is in the Florentine Museum of Prehistory. The third is still being studied by the Institute of Prehistory of Florence. Recent excavations have unearthed the remains of a fourth burial, even more ancient, clear evidence of an intense occupation by prehistoric man.

About obsidian [ which? The Lao river is a short perennial river on the Tyrrhenian side of Calabria. It takes its name from the town of Laos, a city of Magna Grecia.

It is known in the territory of Viggianello PZas the Mercure. Where the tributaries meet the river is named the Lao.While staying at a nearby hotel with family we decided to go out for lunch at what we thought was a normal fishermans wharf restaurant but we where happily suprised with this resauarant. Had a great window table on the second floor with great views.

A must. Food was nothing short of amazing. Great crab cakes. Amazing fish and chips. Live music. On the water.

Gold plumbing. Just great bang for your buck. Service was very slow, we were one of 4 groups in the restaurant at the time. Prices are comparable to nearby sit down places. The service is very slow although the waiters and hostess are very friendly. We had a table by the window which was pretty ok. The food is ver very bad.

the grotto of san cleto

We left the dishes almost intact. Is also very expensive for what you receive. We had an 8 hour layover at SFO so we decided to head into town for a meal.

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We ended up choosing the Grotto. Having got upstairs we realised Dropped by to try clam chowder for the first time. There is both an ordinary restaurant with table servant as well as there are more quick lunch. We used the quick lunch, got the food and it tasted ok. A lot better than other places Visited here for a Seafood Lunch. Prices are higher than most we have encountered here in San Francisco. Only gave this a rating of two because my wife We just went to The Grotto for lunch.

I read a review that said their Clam Chowder was listed as 1.

Chiesa di San Cleto

I love good Clam Chowder, so we went and hubby order theClaim Chowder bread bowl and salad with ice burg lettuce, blue cheese, bacon, It was a Saturday in July along the Fisherman's Wharf area and my family and I could barely walk due to the enormous amount of crowds. The wife and kids were getting hungry and cranky, so I had to act fast. Toward the end of Second time this week we have eaten here. My wife says they have the absolute best clam chowder ever.To continue viewing content on tucson.

Current Subscriber? Log in. Activate now. Subscribe now. Replica of grotto at Lourdes above San Xavier. Sanctuary in hillside at San Xavier Mission. Many visitors like to combine a tour of the two-century-old church with a walk around nearby Grotto Hill. An easy quarter-mile path winds around the hill just east of the mission — affording an overview of the grounds and big vistas of the mountain ranges near Tucson.

The hill is named informally for a small religious shrine tucked into a rocky grotto on its flanks. The shrine is a place of quiet reflection and prayer for some who walk the trail. We hope you have enjoyed your complimentary access for the month. Thank you for signing up! We have not been able to find your subscription. Don't have a subscription? Sign in using your account Sign in. Don't have an account? Subscribe today. Manage account e-Newspaper Logout.

Mission San Xavier del Bac's grotto hill. Share this. Be the first to know Get local news delivered to your inbox! Sign up! Related to this story. Local news. Mission San Xavier del Bac: 11 things to know. Updated Mar 27, Park Ave.Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. The Grotto 40 Reviews.

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Thanks for helping! Share another experience before you go. Full view. Best nearby. Green Vegetarian Cuisine. Supper American Eatery.

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San Antonio Museum of Art. Get to know the area. See San Antonio three ways with this combination bus, boat, and viewing tower experience. The convenient hop-on, hop-off double-decker bus tour stops at highlights including the Alamo, Pearl Brewery, San Antonio Museum of Art, and more.

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